Raikova Anastasia soloist of Russian classical ballet | Classical Russian Ballet by Khasan Usmanov

Anastasia Raykova

Anastasia’s success was already remarkable in her early stage in the Moscow State Academy of Choreography and her talent developed rapidly during all 8 years of study there.

In 2005, after graduating from the Moscow State Academy of Choreography in the class of E. Vatuli, she was accepted to the La Classique Classical Choreography Ballet Theater under the direction of E. G. Melikov.

Since 2006, she worked at the Russian National Ballet Theater under the direction of E. Amosov and V. Moiseev.

Since 2008, Anastasia has been working in the Classical Russian Ballet under the direction of H. Usmanov.

Her striking combination of natural lightness and dramatic talent allowed her to manage with the difficult roles such as the Myrtha in Giselle when she was 19 years old. She tries to perform different roles, so she danced all five brides in Swan Lake.

Critics mark Anastasia’s wonderful elegance and aristocratism in Pas de Quatre of Pugni, where she performed Marie Taglioni, one of the greatest dancers of the nineteenth century. Anastasia managed to render the ballerina’s air way of dancing.

One can feel a strong character and a big talent in this fragile woman with blue eyes and grace.


Street dancer, Dzhiga (Don Quixote by Petipa, Gorsky / Minkus) Maria (Klara), Colombina, Russian, Spanish and French dolls (The Nutcracker by Tchaikovsky, choreography by Vainonen)

Aurora, Lilac Fairy, Princess Florina (The Sleeping Beauty by Tchaikovsky, choreography by Petipa)

Pas de trois, Spanish, Hungarian, Neapolitan, Polish brides, Little swans, Big swans (Swan Lake by Tchaikovsky, choreography by Petipa / Ivanov / Gorsky)

Cinderella, Fairy Fairy, Fairy Autumn (Cinderella by Prokofiev, choreography by Zakharov) Myrtle, Giselle’s Friends (Adam’s Giselle, choreography by Coralli, Perrault, Petipa)

Girlfriend of Mercutio (Prosefieva Romeo and Juliet, choreography by Lavrovsky) Pas de deux (“Chinzano Flower Festival”)